Yellow fingernails

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There are many different reasons that your nails turn yellow, so don’t panic.  Read through this post and if you think you may have a real problem, seek medical advice right away.  Never take a chance when it comes to your health and well being.

The most common reason that your nails turn yellow is from polish.  Darker polishes are more likely to be the cause of nail discoloration.  Always apply a clear base coat to protect your finger and toe nails, as it will help prevent the nails from taking on the color you apply.  You may still get some discoloration and yellowing, but it will help.

Yellow Nail Syndrome is a condition that can cause your nails to turn yellow.  This condition is very rare and is usually accompanied by many symptoms that are much worse then then the yellowing of the nails.  If you have pneumonia, bronchiectasis, or swelling of the lower extremities in addition to yellow nails, get to a doctor pronto!

If the yellowing of nails is a sign of respiratory conditions or fungal infections it can be a long process that occurs over a period time.  It can start out slowly and take years to progress.  If the flow of oxygen through the body is slowed the nail beds won’t get as much nourishment, the body instinctively uses the oxygen it has to nourish the major organs.

Ringworm, or tinea unguis, can also cause yellowing of the nails.  However it is usually accompanied by other symptoms that will identify it as ringworm.  An infection from ringworm actually forms under the nail bed and can cause the nail to be thick and weak as well as yellow.  You doctor will probably treat this with both an oral anti-fungal prescription as well as some type of topical cream to rub in.  If it goes untreated the nail plate will eventually fall off.

A fungal or yeast infection is very different from what people usually refer to as nail fungus.  The green/black discoloration that usually appears under nail enhancements is a mold.  A fungal infection will give the nail a yellow appearance as it causes Onychomycosis.  Onychomycosis is when the nail plate separates and you can see debris under the nail plate.  It can also appear white and the nail itself may change as well, changing texture or shape.

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