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Acrylic nails are also referred to as fake nails, artificial nails or sculptured nails.   Acrylic nails are the combination of a liquid, known as a monomer, and a powder form of acrylic.  The acrylic product is then used to form an extension on the nails (sculptured nails) or you can overlay it on top of a plastic tip.  There is much to discuss when it comes to acrylic so this will be an important series you won’t want to miss.

There are a tremendous amount of acrylic products on the market right now and picking the one that is right for you is very important.  When you first start out make sure you get a quality acrylic.  Once you have mastered your technique if you want to explore some cheaper means go right ahead.  I personally don’t like to get involved with the less expensive, unknown brands when it comes to acrylic.  There are a lot of acrylic products out there that have chemicals that are extremely harmful, like methyl methacrylate.  These type of chemicals usually end up in those unknown, inexpensive products.

When first starting out I recommend staying away from quick setting acrylic and odor free acrylic.  I have been doing this for a long time and I do use a fast setting powder now, but I started with a regular setting powder.  It is much easier to fix any mistakes and learn technique with a traditional setting acrylic.  I also don’t like using odor free acrylic when you are starting out.  It dries leaving the top of the nail tacky and you have to buff it off.   This creates too much extra work, takes too much time, and the results can be frustrating.  Once you are comfortable with doing traditional acrylics and want to switch go ahead.  I would recommend starting with a high quality brand like OPI Clarite and see if you like it.  Keeping your station well ventilated and not leaving the acrylic products out will help keep the odor to a minimum.

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