Nail Business – Starting from scratch

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There are many factors that go into the building of a successful business and we will address them all here.  I’m going to start by explaining some options if you don’t have much experience and are just starting out.   I never recommend opening a salon without experience, the best thing to do is work at a salon.  If you can, start out as an employee.  That means you get paid to work a certain number of hours each day.  There are ups and downs to this. Read more

Nail Manicure – part 3

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When doing a woman’s manicure decide which method you want to use then apply it to the cuticles.  Warm cream is a nice relaxing way to do a manicure and I use this on many of my clients.  It’s a little old fashioned, but they like it.  The main reason I use a cuticle remover instead is that the remover really does a better job of attacking stubborn and overrun cuticles.  It can also help eliminate stains on the natural nails. Read more

Peeling fingernails

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Peeling fingernails are almost always accompanied by brittle fingernails.  The peeling fingernails are nails that appear layered and peel away in layers.  Nails that chip or break easily are defined as brittle.  Read more

Clients and the Salon – part two

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When a technician leaves it is usually in one of two ways.  The first is that they sneak out behind your back.  Like I said before, I actually worked at a salon where a bunch of employees came back after the salon had closed for the night and took their stuff and left.  Read more

Nailpro Cyber Competition

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Nailpro is having their annual competitions and I just wanted to make sure you all know about their cyber competition.  It is a great way to get into competing if you have never done it before, or can’t make it to the competitions.  There are no time constraints as you do the work in the salon or at home and submit your photos, so the pressure and stress is at a minimum.  If you’re interested click here to find more information.

Nail Manicure – part 2

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I like to do  manicures using water, warm cream and cuticle remover, depending on my client.  On men it’s always a water manicure with warm cream.  I rarely soak my women clients nails in water, it’s either warm cream or cuticle remover. Read more

Acrylic nails – what you need

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Once you have decided which type and brand of acrylic to go with you have to decide what products you want to use with it.  I really recommend that you stick with one brand for the application.  If you are using Tammy Taylor’s acrylic then use the primer/bonder, liquid monomer and acrylic powders associated with that line of acrylic. Read more

Top Coats and Base Coats

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Using the right top and base coat is very important when polishing nails.  They can make or break your manicure as well as your relationship with your client.  You need to research the many different products out there, invest in a few of them, and use them to best complete your service. Read more

Acrylic nails – removing the product

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One of the worst parts of any nail technicians job is having to remove product from a clients nails.  It is never easy and is always time consuming.  I almost said the worst part is removing old product from a client, but it isn’t. Read more

Nail disorders

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Normally nails are a light pink color, with the moons appearing much lighter.  Slight variations in the color of pink, a little lighter or darker, are fine.  However if the color changes there could be problems.  We covered quite a bit on yellow nails already.  Click here to see the post on yellow nails. Read more

Acrylic nails – Pick a brand

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Acrylic nails are also referred to as fake nails, artificial nails or sculptured nails.   Acrylic nails are the combination of a liquid, known as a monomer, and a powder form of acrylic.  The acrylic product is then used to form an extension on the nails (sculptured nails) or you can overlay it on top of a plastic tip.  There is much to discuss when it comes to acrylic so this will be an important series you won’t want to miss. Read more

Acrylic nails – removing the product 2

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If you don’t have time to constantly monitor your client and wipe down her nails,  you want to create an environment for the nails that will speed up the process.  Put some cotton in pure acetone remover.  You can use either cotton balls or cotton in long strips (the kind used for chemical processes on the hair).  Read more

Acrylic nails – colored acrylic

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Colored acrylic has been around for many years, but it gained popularity in the ninety’s.  Today colored acrylics are used all the time, but not in the way originally intended.  Most nail technicians and clients are not interested in having one color acrylic on their entire nail. Read more

Nail Manicure

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There are a few different ways you can choose to do your basic manicure.  It is very important to have a solid basic manicure technique.  Once you develop one you can add to it and customize it to offer a variety of services on your salon menu.  Read more

Nail Business – When nail technicians leave

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The beauty business is a highly competitive one.  It is inevitable that at some point a salon and nail technician will most likely part ways.  Whether you are a salon owner or a technician you need to be prepared. Read more

Acrylic nails – what you need 2

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The brush you use will make a huge difference in the outcome of your acrylic.  Keep away from large brushes, especially if you are just learning.  I do like to experiment with different brushes though.  I always have some kind of round sable brush on hand.   I usually get brushes that are in the medium range, size #6 or #7, but I keep at least one smaller and one larger one on hand as well.  I also like to have a flat brush on hand, I don’t use it as much but once in a while the occasion will arise.

Read more

Yellow fingernails – how to whiten them

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Illustration of Citrus limon

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There are a couple of tricks to help you whiten your finger and toe nails if they have become discolored or stained due to nail polish.  The darker the polish, the harder it will be to remove.  Don’t get discouraged though, with a little time and patience you will be able to do it. Read more

Nail Product

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When you first start out it is very important to pick products that are right for you. Once you start with a particular type or brand you are much more likely to become attached to it and it will be hard to change down the road.  Brand loyalty not only applies to your clients, but to you as well. Read more

Acrylic nails – fills

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Now that you’ve mastered your acrylic technique with overlays and sculpting, learning to do a fill will be a breeze.  When I first learned to do fills I was taught to do it by using an acrylic nipper.  We used the nipper to remove the portion of the product that had become loose or lifted around the cuticle. I’m telling you about this because I never want you to do it.  Read more

Beauty Products

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Everywhere you go there are different brands of products.  Whether you shop at a salon,  CVS, or Walmart there are all types of haircare and nail products to choose from, in all different price ranges.  I’m sure you’ve tried different brands and products until you found the ones you really like.  I know I do.  I try new things all the time, and definitely have my favorites.  I really believe that some products are far superior to others.  Do you want to know a secret?  Read more

Beauty Products – part 2

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You didn’t think I could actually stop ranting after just one post right.  I’m sorry, I do try, but the words just keep flowing out of me.  Now where were we, right – There are only a few manufacturers out there that make all the products.  The same goes for makeup and nail polishes.  While products can and do differ, some do not.  It doesn’t hurt to read the ingredients and check the manufacturer when comparing products or looking for a less expensive alternative. Read more

Nail Business – Clients and the Salon

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Now if you are on the other side of the coin, a salon owner, you need to be prepared as well.  Unfortunately technicians can be very sneaky when looking for a new salon and will try everything, including badmouthing your salon, to get their clients to leave with them.  As a salon owner you need to be proactive and make all the clients that walk through your doors salon clients, not technician clients.  Read more

Nail Fungus

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There is a big difference between nail fungus and nail mold.  Many nail technicians don’t realize there is a difference and use fungus and mold synonymously. Read more

Nail care – natural nails part 2

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If you want to grow long healthy nails there are a few things you can do or avoid to help you.  First of all never use your nails as tools.  It sounds easy, but pat attention and you’ll find that you use your nails for a lot of things that you don’t even realize you are doing. Read more

Acrylic nails – application part 2

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When preparing the nails for product make sure you pay attention to the sidewalls as well.  This is the area to the sides of the nail plate.  This is another area that nail preparation is sometimes overlooked, causing lifting.  Many techs use a small diamond drill bit to remove the cuticle and clean up the nail bed.  This also will etch the surface of the nail bed, so be very careful if you choose this method. Read more

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